History & Ethics


History & Ethics


Production Lift Companies began its existence 30 years ago, providing Plunger Lift and Gas Lift Installations for Permian Basin producers. Since then, we have added services for Slickline, Swabbing, Technologies, Jet Pumps, Downhole Gauges and Pump Jack Inspections. We are an industry leader in operations & production enhancement, equipment, service and engineering.


Producers get the total solution to enhance production. We deliver start to finish results : Roustabout to break down well head, Swabbing if well gets loaded up, Slickline to prepare tubing, Field Service Techs to install, line out and optimize and Automation for remote monitoring of the well. Operators rely on our Consulting, Engineering, Design and Field Technician Service Specialists for a wide range of Optimization, Analysis and Training Services.



Production Lift's integrated approach provides customers with the total package of services. This makes the job flow faster and simpler, thus saving customers valuable time and money due to less down time waiting on multiple service companies. Results are better quality and a safer work environment since our crews are accustomed to working together with more unity, trust and a team atmosphere. All the better to serve the customer.



While Production Lift Companies does offer its own equipment line, they also sell and service most other brands of equipment. Many producers have felt stranded by other companies, who no longer found it profitable to operate in this area during the changing times of this industry. Production Lift Companies has become a sales and service center for those companies allowing producers to continue to use what they have become accustomed to.

There are many variables in electronic controllers, plungers and other parts of a system, all of which have their strength and weaknesses - most producers rely on Production Lift Companies expertise to design the right combination of equipment for each well and formation.


Our experienced production personnel will come to your well site and provide an evaluation at no charge to determine if your well is a plunger lift, gas lift or jet pump candidate. Production Lift Companies' experienced professionals will work to provide the best quality of service to maximize field production.



Our Team


Our Team


Mike Swihart | Founder & CEO

Mike formed Production Lift Companies 30 years ago as a one man operation that now employs over 50 people. He has been serving the Permian Basin continuously during these times, while other companies have come and gone. He is an acknowledged expert on plunger lift and gas lift technology. He has installed plunger systems all over the United States as well as in South America.

Mike has taught at Texas Tech, the University of Texas, Odessa College, Midland College and has presented at petroleum industry functions throughout the country.

Mike has an Associate Degree in Petroleum Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to forming PLC, he worked at ARCO Oil & Gas, Marathon Oil Company, Tom Brown Drilling and served as a United States Marine. Mike is a 25 year member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and in 2017 Mike was honored by the SPE International with the "Production & Operations" Award for the Southwestern North American Region.


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Jesse Hernandez | Petroleum Engineer

Jesse Hernandez has over 35 years in the oil and gas industry specializing in artificial lift with emphasis in hydraulic lift and beam pump systems. He is a graduate of the Engineering program at Texas A&M. Jesse is an artificial lift veteran who's spent much of the last three decades designing and optimizing lift programs in fields around the world; South American, Asia, Eurasia, Africa and elsewhere. He has also trained engineers and workers at all levels. He has written a book on hydraulics and has many other published works; as well as presentation papers for SPE conferences worldwide.

Jesse originated from a team of experts that were instrumental in reinventing the "New Generation Jet Pump." 

Jesse's vast experience gives him an understanding of what operators need to optimize production. He is always willing to help producers strategize a production plan.

Jesse is the recipient of the 2018 "Regional Production and Operations Award" presented by the SPE Southwestern, North American Region.


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Jeffery Moore | Gas Lift Manager

Jeffery Moore has over 25 years experience in gas lift technologies. He has successfully designed several thousand gas lift systems throughout his career. He offers expertise in design, installation and specializes in troubleshooting and optimization of existing gas wells. Jeffery knows gas lift from start-to-finish. He can answer any question or concerns you may have about gas lift. He cares about his clients and is committed to customer service and doing a quality job.

Jeffery's strength is his ability to analyze existing gas lift wells and bring them to peak performance. 






Working the Safe Way… is Our Way

We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in and around Production Lift Companies. Our operation is dedicated to practicing and enforcing high standards, applying mandatory corporate policies, promoting that Safety and Health is everyone’s responsibility and by following ethical procedures.

Training Practices

We follow OSHA standards and regulations related to our business. We conduct training programs throughout the company that includes health, safety and environmental. We provide new-hire training and courses for seasoned employees. Managers are provided with safety training programs that promote a safe environment and attitude. We stay abreast of safety training material and regulations in order to meet our company safety goal of Zero Accidents/ Zero Injuries.


Production Lift’s priority is the safety of our workforce and operations. We strive to achieve an injury-free work environment and attitude. We implement the importance of safety awareness and understanding in all employees. Employees understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our objective is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum.
Working the Safe Way… is Our Way.






We aren't just trained professionals,

Founder and President, Mike Swihart, has been invited to numerous speaking engagements to share his knowledge, research, and evolving technology from over 30 years of working in the oil and gas industry. Mike has taught at Texas Tech University, UTPB, Odessa College, Midland College and various other petroleum industry functions throughout the country. He has helped inform and train the next generation of producers, engineers, supervisors, and field technicians. That same knowledge is used internally at Production Lift Companies to train and enhance our crews to provide the best service for our customers.

Comprehensive Field
and Classroom Training

Learn more about Gas Lift, Plunger Lift, Jet Pumping, More

Classes are designed for production operators who are interested in learning more about: operation, design, troubleshooting, optimization and best artificial lift choice at various phases of a well's production life.


We customize training to suit your needs:
Engineer, Foreman or Field Staff Level
Three hour class (L&L), 1/2 day or full day course
At the Production Lift office, your company or in the field

Where can you get the information and training you need to make the right lift decision? The experts at Production Lift Companies.

Also offering classes on:
Permanent Downhole Data Instruments - Learn how to apply information retrieved from downhole to improve efficiency of the well.
Web Based Pumping Jack Inspections - Learn how
to maximize equipment life span; importance of well
preventative maintenance.

Mike Swihart, President, CEO, 35+ years' experience
Jesse Hernandez, Production Engineer, 35+ years' experience
Jeffery Moore, Gas Lift Manager, 25+ years' experience

Interested in Our Classes?