Automatically check your wells.

Production Lift Technologies, Inc. searches for the latest hardware and software to enhance well production. Technologies is currently installing well automation so clients can monitor and adjust well operations from their own computer. This technology is very effective in managing field operations. PLSI feels this is the way of the future and they have the capability and experience to get your company in full automation mode. While PLSI does offer its own equipment line, they also sell and service most other brands of equipment. Many producers have felt stranded by other companies, who no longer found it profitable to operate in this area. So PLSI has become a sales and service center for those companies allowing producers to continue to use what they have become accustomed to. Producers rely on PLSI’s expertise to design the right combination of equipment for each well and formation. PLSI’s experienced production personnel will come to your well site and provide an evaluation at no charge to determine if your well is a plunger or gas lift candidate. PLSI’s experienced professionals will work to provide the best quality of service to maximize field production.


It would be great to read memory tools on a very regular basis. But staffing challenges, rig shortages and other issues mean certain wells can’t be checked on a predictable schedule.

Production Lift Technologies is pleased to introduce a new, long-life tool to the Permian Basin. Called La¬Bomba, it can be classified as a semi-permanent gauge. Designed to run for two to three years, LaBomba is ideal for long-term testing and production monitoring of pump pressures.

Here’s how it works: a piezo-resistive pressure sensor and state-of-the-art acquisition electronic module work together to provide near-quartz quality temperature¬compensated data. The LaBomba is designed with the capability to acquire data at a variety of temperatures and wellbore conditions.

With a diameter of 1.66 inches, the LaBomba houses a single DD cell lithium battery that is designed to operate the instrument for up to three years, depending on the temperature. Along with its extremely efficient three-volt electronics, the LaBomba uses very little power.
New tool removes sand from production fluids, extends life of downhole pumps

Certain formations seem to produce enough sand to fill a beach-and when that sand goes through an ESP or PCP, it can cause damage and premature pump replacement.

Production Lift Technologies now offers a cost effective solu¬tion-Lakos pump protection desanders. These desanders remove sand from production fluids before they enter a downhole pump, which increases the life span and the efficiency of those pumps.LAKOS pump protection separators do this with no moving parts to wear out, no screens or filter elements to clean or replace-and they require no maintenance.
These trouble-free and effective desanders can be easily installed onto the suction end of an ESP or PCP.As the diagram shows, the LAKOS PPD draws production fluid through tangential inlet slots into a separation chamber.