Put Our Knowledge To Work For You

Production Lift Companies began its existence 30 years ago, providing Plunger Lift and Gas Lift Installations for Permian Basin producers. Since then, we have added services for Slickline, Swabbing, Technologies, Jet Pumps, Downhole Gauges and Customized Chemicals. We are an industry leader in products and services, production enhancement, engineering and design.

One Call Gets It All

Producers get the total solution to enhance production. We deliver start to finish results : Roustabouts to break down well head, Swabbing if well gets loaded up, Slickline to prepare tubing, Field Service Techs to install, line out and optimize and Automation for remote monitoring of the well. Operators rely on our Consulting, Engineering, Design and Field Technician Service Specialists for a wide range of Optimization, Analysis and Training Services.

Improving Efficiency, Increasing Production, And
Reducing Cost

Production Lift's integrated approach provides customers with the total package of services. This makes the job flow faster and simpler, thus saving customers valuable time and money due to less down time waiting on multiple service companies. Our crews are accustomed to working together with unity, trust and a team atmosphere which fosters a safe work environment and better quality work.

Partner With The Most Reliable Team In The Industry

While Production Lift Companies does offer its own equipment line, they also sell and service most other brands of equipment. Many producers have felt stranded by other companies, who no longer found it profitable to operate in the Permian during the changing times of this industry. Production Lift Companies has become a sales and service center for those companies allowing producers to continue to use what they have become accustomed to.

There are many variables in electronic controllers, plungers and other parts of a system, all of which have their strength and weaknesses - most producers rely on Production Lift Companies expertise to design the right combination of equipment for each well and formation.

Free Well Evaluation

Our experienced production personnel will come to your well site and provide an evaluation at no charge to determine if your well is a plunger lift, gas lift or jet pump candidate. Production Lift Companies' experienced professionals will work to provide the best quality of service to maximize field production.