Permanent Real Time Downhole Pressure & Temperature Data

Goal: State of the Art Reservoir Analysis
Method: Use of Permanent Downhole Pressure and Temperature Sensor installed by Production Lift Companies.
How: Can perform detailed analyses to identify reservoir parameters, wellbore changes, inflow, field drainage, crossflow, connectivity, geology, fracturing, stimulation and more.

Permanent Pressure & Temperature Sensor Specifications

Sensor Type



Max. Pressure 15,000 psi 15,000 psi
Max. Temperature 392°F 329°F
Accuracy Pressure 0.020% FS 0.020% FS
Resolution 0.0006% FS 0.0003% FS
Power Required 3 VDC
4.5 mA
10 mA
Material 17-4 PH
17-4 PH

One Source Solutions

Includes The Complete System:
Wellhead adapters, tubing hangers, encapsulated cables, protectors and communication with installed automation

Our engineers and technicians provide support and will ensure that everything in the well is working efficiently and effectively


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Production Lift Companies offer state-of-the art electronic memory gauges that provide producers with accurate downhole analysis for optimal production. This information is helpful for the enhancement of the lift method performance and to eliminate potential problems. Proper flow rates, fluid levels, temperature, pressure and gradient information will help you make the right decision to maximize your production.

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