Effective and Affordable controllers are a crucial component of oilfield equipment for modern job sites. Whether it's providing programmable operation or automatic optimization, we have the technology to ensure your project is safe and efficient. Be sure to check out some of our oilfield equipment controllers below, or contact our expert team to find out more. Let us help take your project to the next level with advanced controllers and cutting edge oilfield equipment.


DFS III Controller

DFS III Controller now incorporates a new program that allows the controller to open and close a well by monitoring pressure. This new application automatically optimizes well performance by reacting to casing and/or tubing pressure for every cycle.



Nighthawk Controller

The Nighthawk Controller is a Micro Processor based industrial controller designed to provide programmable operation of a pneumatic valve operated system in remote, outdoor environment. The product operates one pneumatic motor valve in accordance with user programmed control sequences. 

The control sequences can be initiated by an external wellhead pressure switch closure or timeout user specified Open/Close time durations. Low power operation permits continuous, unattended operations using a lantern style battery for a power source.


Electronic Shut Off (ESO)

Electronic Shut Off (ESO) is a new sensor that signals plunger arrival. The ESO was designed to sense a steel plunger as it travels past the sensor. When the plunger makes contact with the tubing wall in close proximity to the ESO sensor, the ESO will signal arrival. The ESO does not require a stainless steel nipple. For best results the ESO should be placed as low as possible on the wellhead to insure the plunger travels past the sensor completely. The durable outer cover makes the ESO shock proof as well as weather proof.