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A simple artificial lift method
that is reliable and low maintenance

Advantages of Gas Lift:

Gas Lift installations can accommodate the flowing conditions throughout the life cycle of the well. It is flexible, durable, has low maintenance cost, with few moving parts and operators have more control at the surface.

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  • Increase production from flowing wells

  • Move high volumes of fluid

  • Can handle highly deviated wells

  • Accommodates sand and solids

  • Minimum of mechanical moving parts

  • Surface equipment requires minimal maintenance

  • Operator can control production rate from surface

Gas Lift Concept:

Gas Lift is a simple artificial lift method that is reliable and low maintenance. The main components needed for operation are a compressor, valves and mandrels. There are no moving parts during normal operation except the compressor, and that’s the appeal. Gas Lift is a flexible solution that can be used throughout the life of the well.

Gas Lift decreases fluid density in wellbores by reducing the hydrostatic load on formations, so that available reservoir energy can cause inflow, and commercial hydrocarbon volumes can be boosted or displaced to the surface.

Gas Lift works by injecting relatively high pressure gas from the surface to a predetermined depth in the wellbore, the operator can effectively reduce the pressure exerted on the formation and achieve desired levels of fluid production.

Gas Lift Methods:

Continuous Flow or Intermittent Gas Lift is employed depending upon the producing characteristics of the well. Some of the factors affecting the selection of the form of gas lift operation to be employed are producing rate, bottom hole pressure(BHP),productivity index (P.I.),depth of lift, and injection gas. Wells with a high P.I. and a high BHP are usually gas lifted by Continuous Flow (most wells fall into this category) and those with a low P.I. and low BHP are generally produced by Intermittent Lift.



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