Introducing the "New Generation Jet Pump”

  • Designed based on the latest technology,
  • Tested on the roughest, most remote locations and
  • Constructed with the best materials for
  • Maximimun increase of production and lift capacity.
  • Benefits of Jet Pumping

  • Transitions easily to other lift systems without having to pull the well.
  • High tolerance to solids: can manage significant volumes of sand, gas, or both as well as corrosive well fluids.
  • Low maintenance because of no moving parts and simple operation. Once installed the jet pump, in many cases, has no downtime
  • Effective in deviated wells, or wells with severe dog-legs.
  • Jet pumps can be used in wells from 15,000ft and in multiple well pads.
  • Easy pump retrieval-reverse circulation, eliminating rig costs and down time.
  • Economical, in many cases a jet pump can last the full cycle of a well.

    Jet pumping can provide effective, reliable long term results when applied correctly to the proper well.