The Right Choice For Your Slickline Service Needs

Production Lift Companies Slickline Services is reliable and experienced. We have been servicing the Permian Basin for 30 years. Our operators are veteran experts; many have been doing slickline work for over 40 years. They know the Permian; they have worked in all areas, in all types of well conditions. It's hard to surprise our operators.

Choose a team that will get the job done
, correctly, and on time.

We offer an extensive lineup of tools to deliver our customers quality results when they need it. We can customize tools for the right application to meet specific challenges.

Complete Slickline Services

  • Paraffin Cutting
  • Tubing/Collar Stops
  • Blanking/Tubing Plugs
  • Tag TD/Tag Fill
  • Bailing/Sampling
  • Sandline Cutting
  • Gradient & BHP/Build-Up Test
  • Temperature/Pressure Survey
  • Broaching
  • Plunger Fishing
  • Staging Tools
  • Tubing Perforating
  • Tubing Plugs/Sleeve Work

    • Otis Tubing Plugs
    • Baker Tubing Plugs
    • Shifting Tools
    • Bottom Hole Chokes

    Optimal Production

    Bottom-Hole pressure surveys & custom in-depth analysis

    • Temperature/Pressure Survey
    • Static Gradients
    • Flowing Gradients

    • Flow/Build Up Test
    • Reservoir Data Analysis
    • Fluid Levels

    Continuous Gas Lift Surveys

    ...that Make A Difference And Take Production To The Next Level!

    Knowledgable team that can analyze data for more effective well production

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    Retrievable Side Pocket Gas-Lift Valves

  • Specialized Slickline Operators

  • Trained for this Special Service
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