Wireline Services, Inc. offers competitive pricing for all types of Wireline/Slickline Services in the Permian Basin. Our experienced staff has the ability to adapt easily to your company’s specific needs to assist in risk reduction and increased profit margins.

Wireline Services’ downhole testing equipment comes almost exclusively from Spartek Systems. Spartek is consistently updating their equipment and on the cutting edge of technology, allowing Wireline Services to pass those benefits on to each of their customers.

When you need subsurface information about your well, wireline services can provide you with the data you are looking for. Having the ability to take measurements of your well is a necessity in the oil industry. Wireline systems use electrical lines of wire for downhole measurements that can allow your team to get information quickly and effectively make decisions about drilling. 

Wireline Services’ equipment is always in top notch condition, daily inspecting, maintaining and cleaning all aspects of their equipment. Wireline Services’ employees are sincere professionals that take every job seriously and with pride, understanding the value in preventitive maintenance. Wireline Services, Inc. wants to be your wireline company. We have the experience necessary for testing and servicing your oil and gas wells in the Permian Basin.


  • Bottom Hole Pressure Surveys

  • Temperature Surveys

  • 4-Point (A.O.F.P.) Gas Tests

  • Production Testing

  • Orifice Meter Testing


  • Plunger Fishing

  • Bottom Hole Springs

  • Blanking Plugs

  • Collar Stops

  • Tubing Stops

  • Paraffin Cutting

  • Broaching

Wireline Service has the equipment and personnel to handle your wireline jobs. Our wireline units are completely hydraulic. That includes the unit and the boom that lifts the lubricator to the wellhead.

We know downtime is unpleasent for everyone and that is why we go the extra mile with our maintenance program. We feel very confident that every time one of our units leaves the yard it will complete its assigned duty without a problem every day!