Swabbing Services You Can Count On

Swabbing is a process to remove fluids off the production zone of a well.
A well will need swabbing if it will not kick-off and flow on its own pressure buildup because it is hydrostatically loaded with fluid.
The well must then be mechanically swabbed to regain flow.

"Swabbing is a unique trade; the operator must have a feel for their rig and a real understanding of well pressures, sounds and depths."

That is why choosing Production Lift Companies Swabbing Services will make a difference. Our operators are highly experienced, with years of service in the industry. They understand the challenge of this unique trade and the customer's goals.

They know that lost production is lost money.

Swabbing Services

  • Paraffin Cutting
  • Broaching Tubing
  • Acid Swabbing
  • Swabbing
  • Fishing
  • Bailing
  • Depth to 16,000 Feet