Plunger Lift

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Production Lift Companies has stood the test of time. We have been servicing the Permian Basin for over 30 years through the many changes of the industry. We have been tested and trusted. Production Lift Companies offers local field expertise, fit-for-purpose equipment and cost effective solutions for production optimization applications. We are industry leaders and offer our clients cutting edge optimization equipment that cover all of your plunger well enhancement needs, such as wireline swabbing and well automation services, all focused on delivering results in a more efficient and effective manner.

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What is Plunger Lift?


Plunger Lift is a low cost artificial lift method for producing fluids from a well. This method utilizes the well's own energy in the form of gas and pressure to cycle a free traveling piston, a plunger, up the tubing or casing of a well. The plunger serves as a solid interface between the liquids in the wellbore and gas which supplies the energy to propel the plunger and liquid slug to the surface. Once surfaced, the well is usually shut in, allowing the plunger to freely drop back to bottom to begin another cycle, once the well has built up sufficient pressure. Cycle frequency will vary with each well and the type of production.


  • A Fraction of other Artificial Lift Costs
  • Out Produces Gas Locking Rod Pumps
  • Will Keep Gas Wells Unloaded
  • Can Cycle Without Shutting in
  • Can Move High Volumes Of Liquid
  • Stop Soaping/Swabbing/Blowdowns
  • Increase Efficiency of Gas Lift
  • Remove Paraffin/Scale/Salt in Tubing
  • No Outside Energy Requirements
  • Rig Not Required for Installation
  • Do Not Have to Kill the Well or Pull Tubing
  • Good in Deviated Wells up to 30 Degrees

Symptoms that indicate the need for a Plunger Lift System

  • Mature wells that have fallen off their natural decline curve and tend to load up.
  • Wells that need to be swabbed, soaped, blown down or intermitted to keep flowing.
  • Wells that are barely flowing or struggling to flow.
  • Rod pumps or ESP's that experience gas interference.
  • Gas lifts with lift efficiencies of only 30-60% due to fluid fall back.
  • Gas wells that require deliquification to keep flowing.

Plunger Lift Equipment



Surface Equipment

Downhole Equipment

  • Production Master
  • Production Mate
  • Time Keeper ST
  • Time Keeper SE
  • Time Keeper DV
  • Time Keeper LE
  • TSC JR
  • Dual Pad
  • Solid Grooved
  • Hollow Grooved
  • Brush
  • 2-Piece Bypass
  • Valved Bypass
  • Lubricator
  • Motor Valve
  • Drip Pot w/Regulators
  • Arrival Sensor
  • Throttle Pilot
  • Spring Assembly
  • Tubing Stop
  • Collar Stop

Identifying & Qualifying
Candidate Wells