Types of Plungers

Dual Pad

Used the most for typical lift installations. Consists of spring loaded pads that comform to the tubing I.D. to minimize gas slippage. This plunger has the best seal and is the most efficient in most applications. Also available in Single Pad and Tri Pad.


Consists of nylon bristles wound around a shaft. Used where sand or tight spots in tubing are a problem.

Bypass w/ Valve

One piece with shift rod inside. Makes more trips with faster fall times delivering continuous fluid removal with little shut-in times. Good for high liquid volume wells.

Two Piece (Bypass)

Used in high volume liquid wells. The plunger makes more trips with faster fall times delivering continuous fluid removal. Shut-in times are reduced achieving increases in production.

Grooved (Hollow)

Durable one piece design with center cone bored out, reducing the weight of the plunger for quicker surface time. The grooves allow it to cut through paraffin, sand salt, etc. Does not fall as fast as the Solid Groove.

Grooved (Solid)

Solid, durable one piece design. Used to cut paraffin, sand and scale. The solid design allows the plunger to fall faster and cut through easier.

Twin L (Bypass)

Single piece with helix on top that creates a spinning action. Used to combat paraffin and scale build-up on tubing.


High performance, all purpose. Well-suited for a variety of applications including horizontal and directional wells. Also works well with sand and paraffin problem wells.