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Mike Swihart | President & CEO

Mike formed Production Lift Companies 30 years ago as a one man operation that now employs over 50 people. He has been serving the Permian Basin continuously during these times, while other companies have come and gone. He is an acknowledged expert on plunger lift and gas lift technology. He has installed plunger systems all over the United States as well as in South America.

Mike has taught at Texas Tech, the University of Texas, Odessa College, Midland College and has presented at petroleum industry functions throughout the country.

Mike has an Associate Degree in Petroleum Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to forming PLC, he worked at ARCO Oil & Gas, Marathon Oil Company, Tom Brown Drilling and served as a United States Marine. Mike is a 25 year member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and in 2017 Mike was honored by the SPE International with the "Production & Operations" Award for the Southwestern North American Region.


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Jesse Hernandez | Engineering Manager

Jesse Hernandez has over 35 years in the oil and gas industry specializing in artificial lift with emphasis in hydraulic lift and beam pump systems. Engineering responsibilities with the Production Lift Companies include jet pumping, permanent down-hole gauges, web-based pumping jack inspection and hydraulic rod pump systems. Jesse is an artificial lift veteran who’s spent much of the last three decades designing and optimizing lift programs in fields
around the world; South America, Asia, Eurasia, Africa and elsewhere. He has also trained engineers and workers at all levels throughout the world. He has written a book on hydraulics
and has many others publishing’s as well as presentation papers for the SPE conferences worldwide.

Jesse is a graduate of the Engineering program at Texas A&M. He is the recipient of the 2018 “Regional Production and Operations Award” presented by the SPE Southwestern, North American
Region. Jesse’s expertise helps producers get the lift system that actually optimizes production. 



Jay Miller | Sales Manager

Knowledge and experience, technical innovator and result driven define Jay Miller who has more than three decades of artificial lift experience. His focus is on delivering solutions that improve well production. Jay has extensive knowledge in Gas Lift Systems. He was on the design team of a major international company that wrote the gas lift design program that is still being used today. He has designed many gas lift fields throughout the US. He has tested several new lift methods that were proven very successful. Jay currently has 11 patents pending.

Jay also has expert knowledge in Jet Pumping, Plunger Lift and Wireline. Prior to teaming up with Production Lift, Jay was the Regional Technical Advisor for the “Heal System.” His unique skills and knowledge have provided him the opportunity to train and work with engineers, management, and field personnel. He has the necessary know how to support and advise your artificial lift program. Jay attended the University of Texas where he studied computer science and government. He is a 25 year member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


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Jeffery Moore | Gas Lift Manager

Jeffery Moore has over 25 years experience in gas lift technologies. He has successfully designed several thousand gas lift systems throughout his career. He offers expertise in design, installation and specializes in troubleshooting and optimization of existing gas wells. Jeffery knows gas lift from start-to-finish. He can answer any question or concerns you may have about gas lift. He cares about his clients and is committed to customer service and doing a quality job.

Jeffery's strength is his ability to analyze existing gas lift wells and bring them to peak performance. 



Michael Evans | Swabbing Manager

Michael Evans brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Swabbing Services.  He has been in the swabbing industry over 20 years and has been manager for Production Lift for 9 years.

Michael is responsible for the operation of the rigs, the crew and equipment and assurance of customer satisfaction. He ensures that crews are at rig and ready to work on time.  He maintains daily contact with customers to address any concerns promptly. Maintaining a positive and safe environment for rig crews, providing quality products and services and following all safety procedures keep The Production Lift Swabbing Division in peak operation.

Production Lift’s swabbing operators and assistants are a dynamic and well respected, talented team. Most of them have over 20 years’ experience and understand that time and well production is the goal.



Paul Reyes | Wireline Manager

Paul Reyes has been Wireline Manager for Production Lift Companies for over 5 years. Prior to Production Lift Companies he was with Kuykendall Wireline.

Paul oversees the daily operations of Wireline Services. He schedules the jobs, manages the operators and provides staff leadership. He also promotes and maintains good customer relations.  Ensuring that all safety practices are implemented, before, during and after the well service operation is a priority for Paul. Working together, safely in a positive team environment is Paul’s daily goal. He strives to provide prompt, quality service to all customers.



Brad King | Technology Manager

Brad has over seven years’ experience of working for Production Lift Companies. He was a Field Technician and Warehouse Supervisor before being promoted to Technology Manager. His role is to provide strategic advice on products and services trending in the oil and gas market. He monitors and manages wells on automation system, schedules and troubleshoots jobs pertaining to automation, oversees testing on new products and repairs and ensures technical support knowledge to customers and staff.

Brad is committed to working with customers to create the highest level of value; he understands that technology solutions enable customers to improve their decision making.

Brad’s passion is his family, church and art.



Ande Stephenson | Business Manager

Ande Stephenson joined the Production Lift Companies (PLC) team as the Business Manager in 2014. As the Business Manager, Ande oversees all aspects of accounting at PLC and leads the business department team.

Ande has a strong background in accounting and banking. With experience in audit, tax financial reporting, Human Resource and payroll, Ande's robust vita adds depth to the PLC team. Her goal is to streamline the bookkeeping process and find ways to cut expenses and increase revenue while holding our clients' needs first.

With a professional and friendly attitude, Ande adds warmth and a "family-style" atmosphere to the workplace. Her work reflects her values as she endeavors to make a positive difference, lend a helping hand, and keep an open mind.

Ande holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting from Texas Tech University.